Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Privacy Screen...

This recent project was a simple deck overhaul in Downtown Toronto. The home owners had started out with an interior reno-project through the winter and worked their way right out to the backyard this spring.

Basically the old deck had consisted of rotting boards and very little space for today's style of furniture... A simple addition of a few more feet to the deck and eliminating a big step out from the back door gave the deck a lot more space to use for furniture and walkway room.

Add to that a very simplified design of a privacy screen to help create that feeling of a room and you have a nice outdoor extension to your quaint little downtown backyard.... without a major renovation expense.

The wood used here is Tigerwood...not to be confused with the golfer... it can be stained to preserve the beautiful rich colour you see, or left to weather to a silver-grey colour. The project was crafted by the expertise of Tony Fredricks of the wood crafters... 416-420-3999