Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just about every design I create for my clients involves the very essential "gate"! It designates back yard from front yard and sometimes it keeps some potential wanderers from trespassing.

If the client is a dog owner, it keeps their pets in and other neighbourhood pets out. Also, if there is a pool, it fulfills the bylaw requirements of a closed off area surrounding the pool.

What I have come to notice in recent years is that many people are looking for something much more than just a simple gate... something that will set them apart from their neighbour's gate.

What ever the purpose of the gate, the style is important as it states a point of entry to either your front yard or back yard and sometimes even your driveway (as in the picture at the below).

So if you are completing a fence project this year, or looking to replace an old and failing gate, remember that this will be your chance to add a personal flare to your yard. Make a statement by creating a unique gate.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Could it be Spring???

Well it seems that the weather has finally changed towards the gardener's favour! I am checking the forecasts here in Toronto and there is no calling for below freezing weather any time soon.

That should be good news for Spring bulbs, cherry blossoms and many other things that will bud over the next few weeks!

Almost patio weather, but not quite pool side summer sun just yet...
(In this photo: Pool side sunning/seating area for two, set on beautiful Owensound Square-cut flagstone.)

Time for this Gardener to come out of Hibernation!