Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just about every design I create for my clients involves the very essential "gate"! It designates back yard from front yard and sometimes it keeps some potential wanderers from trespassing.

If the client is a dog owner, it keeps their pets in and other neighbourhood pets out. Also, if there is a pool, it fulfills the bylaw requirements of a closed off area surrounding the pool.

What I have come to notice in recent years is that many people are looking for something much more than just a simple gate... something that will set them apart from their neighbour's gate.

What ever the purpose of the gate, the style is important as it states a point of entry to either your front yard or back yard and sometimes even your driveway (as in the picture at the below).

So if you are completing a fence project this year, or looking to replace an old and failing gate, remember that this will be your chance to add a personal flare to your yard. Make a statement by creating a unique gate.

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