Thursday, June 23, 2011

Western Red Cedar Fence

I started this project back in the fall of 2010... the project is still under way as I have not had much time this Spring to complete. I have been so busy with design work for my clients.... but it is getting there... slowly....

My neighbour made me promise I would build a nice fence.... I don't think she was expecting it to be as nice as this one...

As you study the detail you may notice that there are not very many nails showing in terms of what holds the fence together...some carefully thought out trim details and board placement has allowed for that.

A fence like this is not something put up in a day... there is a lot of cutting and sanding involved. Every second fence board was ripped into a half piece on the table saw, sanded and then fact, every piece of lumber put on this fence was pre-stained before assembly and is now awaiting a second coat of stain to seal it up nicely.

I have just applied the second coat to the screens the other day and I planted some Honeysuckle vines to trail up and fill in along the trellis screens. The screen details in the fence give an architectural element that allows great interest to the eye as you walk down the pathways to the backyard or the side door entry.

My next project phase is to build a covered structure in the backyard...that is currently in the planned stage and materials pricing stage... Once the structures are built, the patio and pathways will be completed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mock Orange Flowering Shrub - Philadelphus coronarius

Well it's been a while since I posted about a plant or shrub to use in the landscape... Here is a shrub that I use consistently in my designs where space and growing conditions will allow...

This is a shrub that will tolerate Full Sun or Part Shade...but does better in full sun as it will develop more blooms. The fragrance of the blooms is amazing! They have a citrus-like scent to them and when the wind blows just right, it will carry the perfume all around.

Mockorange grows in climate zones 4 to 8 and there are many variations that are native to a number of places around the globe. Good shrub for butterfly gardens as well... height and spread: anywhere from 8 feet tall to 8 feet wide up to 12 feet x 12 feet depending on which variety you find.

Make sure you read the plant tag when you purchase this shrub from the nursery to find out it's mature size and spread...then choose a spot that will fit. Also, consult with the people working at the nursery to ensure the variety of Mock Orange you pick is fragrant or not fragrant...again, depending on the specific variety, some are more fragrant then others. Once established The Mock orange shrub can tolerate somewhat dry conditions...