Thursday, March 06, 2008


Well folks, March is here and the snow does not seem to be letting up! Last year at this time we were facing an early Spring thaw and it was business as usual for those of us that do landscape design work.

This snow keeps up and I may have to include snowshoes as a tool of my trade!

Unfortunately, this year we have about12 inches
of snow currently on the ground only after things melted from the previous snow events and was replaced by new snow! Now? More snow on the way...

As I am sure this is a great thing for most people that love skiing and other winter activities. Ski resorts and winter lodges will certainly profit from the upcoming March break. Hopefully most landscape contractors did not base their snow removal contracts on the previous two years of winter we have had... otherwise you will see a few guys going bankrupt!

Now... in my industry where people like me do design work for residential properties, the snow is a major hindrance to landscape designing! I find myself having to cancel consultations and sit patiently waiting for Mother Nature to decide when she is ready for it to stop snowing. It prevents me from measuring up yards and seeing the entire property palate that I have to work with.

(photo source: Post:February 9, 2008)

The only thing I can say is... I might just be investing in snowshoes and asking clients to dig up old photos of their yards so I can go about my business! When you can't win against Nature, you have to overcome and adapt!

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