Monday, August 10, 2009

The Man's Outdoor Kitchen!

Yep, this one was fun... now I just drew in a counter space for my client and suggested where the kitchen area should be in his yard. What came out after was mostly my client's design ideas for his kitchen.

It was completed with:

-A pizza oven that one will become popular with the neighbors, friends and family as you can open your own private backyard pizzeria!!!

-A stainless steel counter top for EASY CLEANING!

-A large BBQ cook-top for grilling top quality meats.

-A large outdoor refrigerator for holding many a beer, meats waiting to be grilled and pizza dough plus toppings.

Now all of this is designed with the idea that once you are done making a mess and partying around the bar area, you can take a garden hose or power washer and hose down everything to clean up! Ready for next weekend's party....


Phillip Merritt said...

The pizza oven looks great!

Hazel said...

I love the idea of an outdoor kitchen! Anytime I can take my family and friends outside, instead of keeping them cooped up, I am satisfied!