Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little of everything...

Recently I was asked to do a design that had a touch of everything in it...

The property owner had made requests for:
  • a pool with a water feature
  • enough patio space to allow for a chiminea and sun lounge chairs
  • deck space for dinning and BBQ area
  • a covered hot tub space
  • the cabana house with a small bar area incorporated in it
  • privacy
  • grass or lawn space to allow for kids to play and possibly have an ice rink in winter
  • storage areas
  • and last but not least....gardens!!!
When presented with these can sometimes seem like a tall order for smaller yards but the idea of a landscape design is to make things fit and organize the space so it fits well! The particular drawing shown above displays a slightly larger than normal typical sub-division lot which allowed for me to fit everything in that the customer had on their wish list! I was able to do it in a way that kept things in balance in terms of where things were located.

The end result.... a cool looking backyard that will provide hours of entertainment that would extend into the winter months with the addition of the skating rink, the chiminea spot and the hot tub!!!

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Brian T. Stratton said...

Nice work..... I love these type of projects where you have to make sure you can make all these unique elements function properly. Ideally, a water feature is included. This always serves as a focal point and looks amazing on a color rendering.

Brian T. Stratton | | New Jersey Landscape Architect and Designer NJ