Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A simple Pergola

Back in early spring of 2008 I was contacted by some wonderful clients to help create a pergola structure in their yard.

Above is the space before I got my hands on it and created the design... I still remember that day being -19 degrees Celsius and one of the coldest days ever for me to take property measurements. The design issues were as follows:

- Shade for both the sitting area on a patio as well as shade for the interior rooms of the home.
- A structure to add value to the home.
- A structure that would properly bridge between the home and the garage buildings without looking out of place.

After giving much thought and allowing my brain to thaw out, here is what I came up with!

I kept the structure away from the garage building and gave it some interest along the edge as it wraps around the building instead of joining right to it. The Architectural challenge to create a pergola that attached to the building would have proved to be too costly for the budget and would have looked out of sorts with the A-frame roof of the garage.

The details of the rafter ends and the other wood elements present, give the look of an elegant structure that gently rests between the two buildings and softens the transition in-between.

The clients went with Tiger Decking which is a form of hardwood used for exterior surfaces. It added a finishing touch to the new deck and really makes this space feel like an additional room to the home.

The deck carpenter for this project was Tony Fredericks of The Woodcrafters (416-420-3999)

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