Thursday, October 23, 2008

What inspires...part 7

One the most exciting things to see in a landscape is a combination of plantings staged within a setting of rockery that looks both pleasing and harmonious to the eye.

What inspires me when I create and arrange planting beds with rockery is to observe how Nature does it first! The tower of rockery on the right and the picture above is from a limestone outcropping found in The Beaver River Valley near Georgian Bay, Ontario. You can find this lookout along a hiking trail in the Old Baldy Conservation Area.

There are so many places that Ontario has to offer for the casual observer to feel truly inspired about Nature.


Paul Corsetti (416)455-5515 said...

Dan writes in:

Great pictures, Paul! I, too, am inspired by Ontario's natural beauty. I have done a lot of hiking and rock climbing all over the Niagara Escarpment, especially up in Bruce County.
One of my favourite places is the Hockley Valley Trail in late fall when the beech trees have carpeted the valley floor in their golden leaves, and their grey trunks stand like cathedral pillars.
-Dan Wood

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